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We have introduced a new way of making global payments, treasury and foreign-exchange services more efficient and transparent with our state-of-the-art technology.

Whether you are a superyacht owner, captain or a brokerage house managing a fleet of vessels and juggling multiple costs and operations, our team of experts turn any complex accounting into a treasury-management dream.

One account – a world of opportunities.

From straightforward expenditure to sophisticated foreign-exchange and treasury management strategies, our award-winning multi-currency account offers you smart solutions that save you time and money. Deposit, hold and manage up to 15 currencies at any time and without limits via a single, sleek interface. And we will help you plan ahead, mitigate risks and streamline your business by removing unnecessary costs.

Manage Expenditure

Whether you need to fuel a yacht or buy luxury items without the high costs of bank cards or the need of carrying cash with you, our truly international multi-currency Mastercard® is the perfect solution. It has the highest balances and spend limits on the market and is accepted in more than 210 countries and territories.

Master Payments

Make individual and batch payments in foreign currencies across the globe, within seconds and without limits. We use SWIFT and other local networks, including SEPA and Faster Payments. Our clients can also send and receive unlimited instant payments between Centtrip accounts using CenttripNow. Free of charge.

Mitigate Risks

Access the live currency market to make spot, same-day or forward trades. Each time you convert currencies, you will do so at fixed and competitive rates. And our experts will help you create the right strategy for your foreign-exchange needs and pick the best trading times, mitigating risks in a cost-effective way.

* Higher card balances and transfer limits are available subject to status.

** These are transactions in any currency that is outside of the available currency balance held on the card at the time of purchase.

Tiered Permissions

Whether you are in charge of one vessel with one account or a fleet with multiple users, you can oversee and manage who does what and when using our unique technology. Set up different levels of permissions for advanced authorisation of transactions. And define this feature to suit your individual business requirements.

Real-time Transactions

Managing the finances for multiple yachts with large crews can pose its challenges. View your transaction history for different cost centres or vessels online to keep track of your expenditure in real time. In addition, set up spending alerts and individual limits to streamline your operations across the globe. Manage it all in one place 24/7.

Tailored Reports

Generate bespoke statements for one or multiple vessels, accounts and cards in a chosen base currency or across all currencies with our sophisticated and intuitive reporting feature, which can be integrated with your internal platforms and systems.

Safe and Secure

We deliver the best possible online experience for our clients while maintaining the highest level of security whether online or on our app. Our technology is cloud-based and is powered by Amazon Web Services to ensure we always provide the highest level of protection for data at all times within a safe and secure environment.

Run smooth treasury operations, make international payments securely and manage foreign expenditure in real time, at home or at sea.

Live Rates

Take your Centtrip account with you.

We design all our products and services with our clients and their needs in mind. Our card and app are no exception. This philosophy has earned us broad recognition in the industry.

Our award-winning app is smart, sleek and easy to use. Operated by our safe and secure technology, it has the same functionality of your Centtrip multi-currency account.

It has won multiple awards for its exceptional design and excellent user experience, affirming our position as a leader in fintech innovation. From our safe-mode feature and transaction mapping to accessing the live currency market, you remain at the helm of your finances in real time while on the move.

Realise your business ambitions with Centtrip.

It is all about long-lasting relationships, not short-sighted sales.

Trust and Transparency

We apply an upfront approach to each business decision. Our commitment to total transparency, diligence and trust have earned us a strong reputation and broad network. Today, more than 400 superyachts and yacht management companies use our products and services.

Dedicated Client Support

Our dedicated experts will support you each step of the way. Thanks to our unrivalled expertise in the marine sector and our ability to innovate quickly, we provide tailored services and bespoke capabilities, so you can focus on expanding your reach.

In-depth Approach

We use a collaborative and in-depth approach when assessing your requirements and the potential for our partnership to help you realise your global ambitions.

Multidisciplinary Experts

We have the best talent from across specialist disciplines– banking, payments, foreign exchange, technology and wealth management. Make informed decisions with Centtrip, every day.

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